Mini Waveform as Icon or on each file line

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Yay, I posted something
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Mini Waveform as Icon or on each file line

With my suggestion I think I could help to improve the working process and to gain time for searching a specific audio file. I was looking for an audio browser that lists my audio folders and within the folders the audio files, but each file with the respective waveform. This could be in the File List as a "Waveform Icon" as the software "tsugi QuickAudio" does or as a choice in the context menu for the File List.

I am browsing and selecting the music for my private videos with the help of the wave form first before I listen selected files to finaly choose.

I'm new here. I am happy to have found the Resonic Player by chance on the internet. It is extremely usefull for my needs and I would like to congratulate the developer team for this very professional work. :thumbsup:

Liqube Audio
Liqube Audio
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Hey Alex, happy you found us :waving: :)

We've implemented a working version of the miniature waveforms a while ago but weren't really happy with the way there were handled internally, they were slowing down the meta scan considerably. There's a better solution on the horizon though.
Have a look here:
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