Bookmark can't be removed [Resolved]

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Bookmark can't be removed [Resolved]

Hi all,
I'm having a little bit of a headache with the bookmarks feature. So I had this folder at "c:\Buzón\+Music+" that I moved to another place some time ago. The bookmark now appears grayed out on Resonic and I can't un-bookmark it. But if I right-click on it and select "Bookmark" then I can un-bookmark and it will disappear. Until Resonic is restarted.

If I recreate the path structure it appears as usual and I can un-bookmark it. But it will reappear after restarting Resonic anyway.

It's because of the signs I used to name it? I'm using Windows 10 v1709 and Resonic 0.9.3b.

Everything else works great.

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Hi there! We've most likely fixed this for the 0.9.4 release already which is in its wrap-up phase now.

Just in case, you can grab an unstable off and try that. See
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