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Impossible to delete/move file from explorer window if previewed in Resonic

Posted: August 26th, 2019, 10:05
by D3Mens
I'm not sure if this is intended but I remember that one of the "main" features was to be able to freely manage files because Resonic didn't lock them, but it seems this isn't possible or maybe I'm simply missing something.

Basically, whenever I preview a sample, then pause/stop but still see its waveform in resonic, whatever action performed on that file (from the Windows Explorer window, not from Resonic) is impossible because it looks like it is in use. If I then preview another random sample, the previous sample becomes finally unlocked and I can delete/cut/rename/rename folder/etc...
How to perform actions through win explorer on samples which have just been previewed in Resonic without having to preview another sample in order to unlock it?

Thank you