Impossible to delete/move file from explorer window if previewed in Resonic

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Impossible to delete/move file from explorer window if previewed in Resonic

I'm not sure if this is intended but I remember that one of the "main" features was to be able to freely manage files because Resonic didn't lock them, but it seems this isn't possible or maybe I'm simply missing something.

Basically, whenever I preview a sample, then pause/stop but still see its waveform in resonic, whatever action performed on that file (from the Windows Explorer window, not from Resonic) is impossible because it looks like it is in use. If I then preview another random sample, the previous sample becomes finally unlocked and I can delete/cut/rename/rename folder/etc...
How to perform actions through win explorer on samples which have just been previewed in Resonic without having to preview another sample in order to unlock it?

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If you pause or stop the file is still open. You can press stop twice to free the file, and three times to also release the soundcard.

To free the current file you can also press CTRL+W.

I've investigated the code a bit to see whether there are some files not being closed properly, but haven't found anything. Files are opened in full shared access in Resonic, which means that when waveforms are being generated and a file is being played you can still potentially delete it from Explorer (yes, even if it's being played), given that Windows has it cached. That depends on the system, and on the disk cache settings. The meta scan might block the file temporarily (but only for a few msec). I tested this on 0.9.3 and 0.9.4, but there are so many different cases where the system/disk configuration might do it a bit differently, that you'd have to give me a little more information about the case for me to possibly reproduce it. Starting with your OS and Resonic versions.

I did test this again, I am on Windows 10 here, tried both an internal SSD and and on two slow external USB HDDs (both with disk caching and fast removal optimization enabled). Scanned 2h mixes, and deleted them externally.

Keep in mind that there are a few scenarios that might also block your files:
1) Other programs might not be able to open the files properly
2) Backup programs, AV scanners, etc. might have files open in the background for an extended period of time and block access. For example, a cloud backup software I am using often blocks access to files.
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