Sample Rate resets with ReSonic [Fixed]

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Sample Rate resets with ReSonic [Fixed]

Hi there,

I've my audio interface MOTU Ultralite AVB at 96000kHz,

everytime I open my ReSonic Pro and play a file it pushes the interface
to set to 441000 kHz even if I'm auditioning a 96000kHz file.

Am I missing some options? I've tried all drivers options:
ASIO Drivers: reset the sample rate to 441000kHz on play
WASAPI: play the files but it's silent
DS: just don't work and gives some errors

I'm on windows 10 and ReSonic Pro


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Hey there, this is an issue in 0.9.2 that'll be solved in the 0.9.3 update that introduces several new soundcard settings and overall improved ASIO support.

If you'd like to try it before the official release and let us know whether it solves the problem for you grab the latest Resonic test build from - unpack, run, delete, no installing needed.
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