Resonic Pro could not start - "DB could not be opened" Issue

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Resonic Pro could not start - "DB could not be opened" Issue

Hi Guys

Sorry about this but I have had no issues with my Resonic Pro until now. I had to perform a clean re-install of Windows 10 following a HDD failure. I have just reinstalled Resonic Pro (Version and everything went in okay, until it went to launch and I was informed by a dialog box that Resonic Pro could not start due to:

One or more databases could not be opened or created. Disk full, protected, or inaccessible?

When in doubt please re-download the application form ….. etc.

I duly re-downloaded from and reinstalled again but hit the same issue. I loaded with the default settings and as it was a clean install I assume there was no database, so unsure what its referring to.

Nothing I try seems to work. My Antivirus (Emsisoft) does not log an issue and is not stopping it, so any help gratefully received as I miss the use of this cool product.



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Re: Resonic Pro could not start - "DB could not be opened" I

Hi Andy! This sounds strange. Right off the top of my head I cannot think of an explanation. The one thing I could think of is problems with installation paths or Windows' paths. I'll privmsg you a little utility.
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