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Documentation update (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Posted: January 26th, 2018, 04:54
by A1RO
I found a few mistakes in the online documentation at (application updates so fast, must be a full time job to keep up with the website ;)).

Mouse over visualization
Seek forward or backward (anywhere): Alt+Wheel (is Ctrl+Wheel in Resonic)

With mouse over file list (from 0.9 update)
,,Play-scroll'' – navigate through files, playing them: Ctrl+Wheel (is Ctrl+Shift+Wheel in Resonic)
,,Play-scroll'' random files: Alt+Wheel (is Shift+Alt+Wheel in Resonic)

By the way, those 2 lines are strangely written with the (,,'') symbols and the dash ( - ) instead of a colon ( : ). I much prefer the form of the next shortcut below.

With mouse over browser (from 0.9 update)
Play-scroll: navigate through folders, playing them: Ctrl+Wheel (is Ctrl+Shift+Wheel in Resonic)


Not working (at least for me)
Next visualization type (e.g., waveform, analyzer): Shift+Tab

F12 works well though.
Have you thought about Shift+F12 for Previous visualization? Would be great!


Missing shortcuts (from 0.9 update)
Both Ctrl+Wheel to fast-scroll file/folder lists, Shift+Wheel to scroll horizontally

Missing shortcuts (from 0.9.1 update)
Ctrl+Shift+D to double, Ctrl+Shift+F to halve, both Ctrl+Shift+C to copy file/folder paths to clipboard

I'm sure I forgot a few, but the essential is there.

Re: Documentation update (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Posted: January 27th, 2018, 02:15
by A1RO
My reply on a related Resonic Users post:
Hi Tom, I found some keyboard shortcuts in need of an update on Resonic's website. I wrote down a list on the forums (before seeing this post), but it would be much more productive if I could edit web pages directly (upon approval, of course). Are you setup for this? I already use markdown for some documentation project. Thanks.
Awaiting feedback from either way!

Re: Documentation update (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Posted: January 27th, 2018, 02:21
by Tom
You're thorough haha.

I forgot to upload the latest markdown (we use our own.) Then added two or three that weren't in there yet.

Also, SHIFT-TAB is a mistake, it should be SHIFT-F12, which is also a bug - it doesn't work - which will be corrected in 0.9.2 :lol:


Re: Documentation update (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Posted: January 27th, 2018, 03:07
by A1RO
Quick, as usual!

Just to make a point (I guess), that light blueish font styling did not apply correctly to both "on browser" at the end:
Scroll browser: Wheel on browser
Scroll browser faster: Ctrl+Wheel on browser

Otherwise, it's all good! :lol:

My offer is still on the table: if I can contribute somehow along the way instead of asking, it might ease up things a little. :ugeek:

Let me know if you need help coding, maintaining, or else.