BUG: ALT+SPACE (random file list)

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BUG: ALT+SPACE (random file list)

ALT-SPACE does not seem to respect the File List Filter...
It seems to only pick a random file from the current 'scan subfolders' list.

For example, if the file list filter is currently filtering '95bpm' and I hit ALT-SPACE, the random results don't respect the filtered results.

I think the the random results that you get by hitting ALT-SPACE should be a sub set of the files that are displayed in the (filtered) file list.

currently this is not the case (which makes it tantalizingly frustrating to use the random file feature).

Is this a bug??

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Re: BUG: ALT+SPACE (random file list)

This is a known bug, but unfortunately not a quick fix. I bumped the priority a bit.
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