A-B repeat

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A-B repeat

Forgive me if I'm being stupid here. I can't get the hang of this A-B repeat. I'm trying to highlight a section of a WAV file and want to hear it loop. However I can only select the A-B function while the audio is playing. I need to click A-B to select the start and again to select the end position. Unfortunately it only allows you to do this when the audio is playing. This makes it almost impossible to highlight a section accurately.

I don't see how this can be of any use. Firstly am I using this function the wrong way, and is there another way to highlight and loop a specific part of a WAV?

I love the speed of resonic. If I could have something like this with basic editing functions and have a "set to BPM" or timestretch function then that would save me so much time in making basic looped tracks. However just the highlighting option would do for now as it's just used for previewing large folders of WAVs.


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Re: A-B repeat

That's how A-B repeat is supposed to work in Resonic Player. It can be seen as an extra for rough loops. You can also hold the button to select a portion (in the latest Beta).

However, Resonic Pro will introduce mouse selections, audio extractions, and much more. There's an intro video on http://resonic.at/pro
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