stuttered playback when using a scsi external drive

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stuttered playback when using a scsi external drive

Hi guys !!!!
I am trying to make Resonic player to work properly on my HP notebook. Since I ´ve bought a new external drive with a scsi controller , there's drops in the playback ... I 've searched on the internet and found nothing... I 've tried to resolve it by changing power plan , disabling wifi , disabling bluetooth , close the browser , change soundboard settings and nothing ... I always get the same stuttering playback ... Can someone help me ? The drive is in perfect state ( a Seagate Expansion 2TB ) and condition and I really don´t know what else to do... :disappointed:
( I´m running Windows 11 )

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Hey, using which sound driver? Have you tried switching it?
You mean sata, or ssd? ;)
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