Snap to Zero Crossing Option for Selections & Markers

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Snap to Zero Crossing Option for Selections & Markers


When horizontal zooming gets implemented, I would like to suggest to implement a "Snap to Zero Crossing" option for the selection so that it is possible to make selections snap onto zero crossing points.

This would be useful as it would speed up workflow and remove the additional processes of having to clean up the sample start and end points inside of the DAW after we have dragged and dropped selections from Resonic Pro into the DAW.

Alot of music producers make long audio recordings of synthesizers and audio processing etc. A Snap to Zero Crossing option for Resonics selection would be useful for picking out one shots of drums, percussion, FX or anything that has gaps of silence between so it lines up to the DAW grid properly.

It would also help to keep users Resonic Extracted Audio samples collection more tidy for the long term when being re-used.


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And as you realized correctly it is tied to horizontal zooming:
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