Gapless playback

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Getting the hang of it
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Gapless playback

A simple feature request: please implement gapless playback!

Starting to like this
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Re: Gapless playback

Agreed, would be a nice addition !

Liqube Audio
Liqube Audio
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Re: Gapless playback

In fact this is one of the not to simple features to implement as gapless playback always requires some sort of audio buffering, which - with the currently layed out audio engine - badly affects audio latency.

I'll most likely have almost-gapless playback for a start, also thinking about proper cross-fading, as Resonic is not only intended to be used as a pure music player and has a wider audience caring especially about its speed and performance. Need to figure out a slick way to switch between player and browsing modes.

Sooner or later a gapless mode will follow, though. Most likely post-ASIO.
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Re: Gapless playback

Now ASIO is available in Pro, any progress on getting gapless playback implemented? I listen to a lot of live music purchased from sources like and hearing a gap between each song is a mood breaker.

Also, as I mentioned in my email to you, I'd like to reiterate the desire for cover art support. I know there was a mockup shared at one point.

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