Spectral Peaks Waveform Colorization

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Spectral Peaks Waveform Colorization


So I see there is no public thread about it, so I create one (I already send infos about it in mail but here people will be able to join the discussion id needed).

So some DAW (REAPER/Samplitube), some web platform (Freesound) and DJ Softwares offer Spectral Peaks waveform colorization, which is a way to color the waveform based on its main frequency across time.


This is really nice to see the tonal variation of a sound. REAPER offer hue rotation offset and hue cycle by octave, but even a basic integration (blue for lows, yellow/green for highs) would be cool already.

All I know is that it is based on the Spectral Centroid concept, but I found an open source JS library which feature this (fav.js). Also some C++ softwares but the doc was a bit more obscure (based on BBC research).

Technical consideration apart, this would be really nice to have :P

Cheers !

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