Playlist, built-in EQ, album cover, lyrics display, dark theme...

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I'll think of more soon
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Playlist, built-in EQ, album cover, lyrics display, dark theme...

... album/artist info ( integration), replay gain, tag editor, stream audio from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon Cloud...)

I am pretty sure everybody would pay for all these features, aside from just focusing on audio professionals there is a world of mainstream users outside who like customizability, material design, different colours, etc.

Resonic should be one step ahead if I can get this for free:



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We don't make a single dime with Resonic Player, actually we're paying into it to give it away for free, but after all these years we're past the "doing it for prestige" mentality. We're creating a strong product here, which is Resonic Pro. There is little to no incentive for us to pour more work into Resonic Player. Updating it every now and then is a lot of work anyways, seeing how the one serves as the base for the other, but both need to be kept in sync and stable and tested on multiple OSes.

On one hand you say people would pay for this, which I strongly disagree with seeing how everything is taken for granted these days (especially something basic as an audio player) and is moving into the mobile world anyways, on the other hand you say Resonic Player should be a step ahead of other players which already have many of these things implemented for free.

In the end it all depends on what the focus is, ours is definitely not making another wheel-reinventing full-featured all-in-one freeware audio player - for sure not.

Users can help by simply participating in the community. Whatever features come to the Player, will come naturally, but at our own pace.
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