Idea for smoother and faster sound browsing

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Idea for smoother and faster sound browsing

So I have an idea for browsing through samples, a bit odd perhaps but I honestly think it could be really nice if implemented carefully.

I noticed in Mr Bills video that there is a sample preview column coming, seems to work as in Cubase Mediabay which is great when you can just click around and listen inside the samples! However, what if you could hold a button (mouse button or a key) and you'd hear a continuous flow of sounds when hovering over the waveforms, like finding stations on an old radio.

Why? Well, when spending hours looking for samples and textures, all the playing and stopping adds to the ear fatiguing, all the transients and the jumping of listening focus. I also think it could feel really nice and speed up the process of looking through stuff fast.

I really like the option to keep playback position you've done already, and the overall speed of the software!

So when holding still of course the sound would just keep playing, (or looping, not sure) but when moving the mouse it would jump to new positions/samples with a (fast) crossfade.. I guess some tinkering with finding the right update/re-trig frequency is needed but I think it could work.

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Hey Christian!

It's a nice idea that we've tried to implement in a different way (at this point I'll just say "blocks", that'll become clearer in a future release) a while ago (without the x-fades though), but for this to work it'd have required another layer of parallel processing that we're currently not ready to implement. There might be some other solutions possible thought, I am really not sure yet. I've added it to the ever-growing idea list and bumped the original item.
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