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Seek freedom


In Resonic Pro 0.9.1, I feel a bit limited when trying to seek quickly through files. In the past few days, I've been thinking about ways to do it differently. Please have a look at my ideas below.

1. Decouple seek & play
When playback is paused or stopped, seek commands always play files automatically (which I usually don't want). Thus, I would love an option to disable "Play on Seek" so that playback cursor can be positioned freely without making any noise. I believe this feature would offer some interesting possibilities.

2. Set start position
An obvious advantage of seeking independently is to set a custom start position without actually playing the track. This could be quite useful when seeking with Left/Right or with Ctrl+Wheel over waveform. When I want to start playback at a specific position, I find that seeking with those shortcuts is somewhat unpleasant (hearing lots of audio glitches along the way).

3. Seek precisely
To move playback cursor with more precision, I suggest the addition of Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right shortcuts. It could be tweaked to move at a distance of about 1/10th of the standard Left/Right seek motion. For mouse control, Ctrl+Shift+Wheel could have the same effect.

4. Select in 2 steps
If playback cursor could be placed freely on the waveform, then a simple Shift+Left-Click could set the 2nd marker and make a selection. This 2-step selection would be a great alternative to the actual "hold & drag" functionality.

5. Select on A-B
In the same way, pressing A-B while paused or stopped, then Left-Clicking on waveform could have a similar behavior (requiring more clicks, but no shift-click). For both of these (2-step & A-B selections), playback cursor would go to beginning of selection as soon as it's created, but playback would stay paused or stopped.

Feel free to comment, I'd like to know your opinion.
I hope I'm not delusional, yet I can already see those features happen. :D


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Re: Seek freedom

Read and fully acknowledged. Excuse my brevity :)

Like I wrote in the user's group, we'll be revisiting this or using some of the ideas to mash up with our own.

The main issue with these suggestions is always the limited availability of shortcuts, ways of controlling things, when there is more features to be introduced than just selecting. (CTRL-SHIFT-L/R for example is horizontal list scrolling, other shortcuts are reserved for vertical scaling, zoom, etc.) So finding good compromises there is the hardest part, while trying to not alienate users who have been using the existing usability for years already.
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