Batch choice container thing

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Batch choice container thing

Hey there,

I feel a bit werid posting so many ideas lately (producing some projects at the moment, while using Resonic a lot and there the ideas came from, hehe). ;)

Ok, this actual idea is about this thing:

While doing a specific sound design, I searched many similar sounds in Resonic. Sometimes I tried to remember more than one sound at a time, selected them with Ctrl+Click and dragged them simultaneously into my DAW. Instead of keeping the exact filename in mind, it would be cool to have some temporary container, which could hold multiple files. Then you could start a drag&drop action from this container to have these files dragged and the container gets cleared immediately after that action (for a new drag&drop action after this). Maybe you could put the files into the container with middle click (and maybe undo it by middle-clicking on that file again or in the container list).

So the workflow could be:
- searching multiple files, which you'd like to drag into the DAW
- middle clicking them, so the temp-drag-container gets filled
- start a drag&drop action from an icon of the container or similar
- multiple files get dragged and the container clears after that

Good / usefull idea? Bad? Looking forward to replies! :)


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