Magnified Waveform Zoom

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Magnified Waveform Zoom


I know that it's planned to have a kind of waveform zoom, and it seemed to me that it's something hard to implement. I'm no programmer, but maybe it would easier to implement a "magnified" zoom? Similar to an iPhone when you want to move a cursor before a specific letter.

Let's say I'm selecting approximately a section of an audio file I want to extract to my DAW with Shift+Selection, then I press Ctrl and click the left cursor boundary of my selection, the magnification occurs on click to show locally a more detailed waveform and fine grain the selection. Obviously, the same would be possible with the right cursor boundary...
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I think one major flaw with DAWs is that you have to select, zoom in at the beginning of the selection and ajust, zoom out, scroll to the end of the selection, zoom in, ajust again.

With the magnified zoom, no need to do that! Magnification scale could be based on the audio file length (The longer the file, the bigger the scale) and/or based on user preferences.


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