Reverse the selection colors

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Reverse the selection colors

In the selection of a selected folder in the browser is grey and that of a folder for which a sample is displayed a kind of lime green.

When I select another folder the previous folder keeps its lime color and the new selected folder gets a grey color.
This is counter intuitive because it's most common that selected things are highlighted and things that lost focus become grey of dimmed.

Because the lime green is somewhat dimmed when I select a file it's even more confusing. Because when I select another folder the lime green becomes brighter again making me think that's the folder I'm actually viewing.

I'd rather see the two colors switched. It's more logical and it is compliant with the standard and therefore user-friendlier.

Also, the grey selection color in the dark theme is way too dark. So this makes it even harder to see what is selected.

As for the selection colors, the same thing applies to the file area. A selected samples gets a grey/blue color but when I select another folder and revisit the one with the sample the color is lime green. It's more intuitive if the colors here are also switched.
The way the color of the selected files is displayed when I click on the Locate Active File button or when all samples are played after each other is perfect and how I think it should always be.

In addition, the color when hovering a folder or file is darker than the selected color. Also the reverse imo.

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