A "open in external editor" option

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A "open in external editor" option


I have both .wav and .aif files set to open with Resonic, it is great for auditioning, but then there is no way to easily open those in a audio editor.

(It is my understanding that is not in the plans for Resonic to be a full audio editor itself)

So I would like an option to set an external editor like Sound Forge and open the file(s) with it from Resonic.

To me, beyond a context menu option, double-click could also open in the editor, as I use Resonic set to play the next files automatically, and the space key is enough for me if the "Stop after current file" option is on.

Thanks in advance

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Re: A "open in external editor" option

Hey Paulo,

since there is no point in trying to do everything in one app we have decided to not do inline audio editing. There are many great wave editors out there that have this segment more than covered, which are calling for integration into our user interface.

However, the other side of Resonic Pro is the creative and workflow tools, which include all kinds of fun with loops, extraction, and basic fx (pitching, fade in/out, normalize, silence detection, etc.) that are queued for development in the future.

To sum this up: "Edit in external editor" is absolutely something we'll be implementing in a way that it's easily accessible and fun to work with. We'll also be adding in file change detection so that Resonic automatically reloads externally modified files to prepare for this feature. You can expect this somewhere around 0.9.5, I reckon.

One thing though, we do not own working copies for all the latest versions of the major wave editors and some of them (WaveLab, SoundForge, etc.) are out of budget. So if ever a shining knight of a donor comes along, we'll jump on it and do it properly, but until then we can only try as good as possible.

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