Volume Gain (up) and Peak Indicator

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Volume Gain (up) and Peak Indicator

Hi !

It would be awesome if Resonic Player could handle Gain (volume above 100%), just as in VLC Player, which is still one of its feature I love the most.

A simple (red rectangle) peak indicator can be handy in order to see how much the sound can be pushed before peaking.

We can imagine more advanced stuff as a limiter, or a normalizer, but the two features above will already be very nice :)

Thanks for listening !

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Re: Volume Gain (up) and Peak Indicator

Gain is on the road map for both versions :) Clip indication, peak/valley hold, peak display, and other advanced features will be Pro only.

http://resonic.at/labs/39 - the peak display doubles as a clip indicator.

DSP effects are (have to be) on low priority at the moment.
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