build linux version

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Yay, I posted something
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build linux version

please build a linux version of resonic sample manager
thanks 8-)

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Yay, I posted something
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Re: build linux version

I know I may be a bit late to the party, but I guess it could be working with WINE and some additional libs.

I got the Player somewhat working in Linux by just setting it up through Playonlinux and while it won't show the Waveform, the player itself and the file browsing works well out of the box.

I guess I'll check if I am missing a DLL or two.

The setup I chose was "install new application" -> Use WINE version 3.20 -> 64Bit. I then installed Resonic Player 0.9.3-1806

The result is quite promising I have to say. Wouldn't mind having this program running in Linux.

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