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Official Update, February 2022

Posted: February 23rd, 2022, 21:41
by Tom
I've been battling with long-term (physical) health conditions, which got worse over the last two years, and am recovering from an accident. None of it is related to CoV, but still is frightening, disorienting, and worse, impairing my ability to be creative and productive. I've been completely off the wire for several months, and this is my first public statement.

Resonic emails will be handled by a small team of close friends who are kindly volunteering to keep this project going while I am trying my very best to recover and manoeuvre my way out of an impending financial disaster (also thanks to CoV, and people).

Trials continue to be available (6 renewable months for all, as a little apology), so are Resonic Pro licenses.

Anybody who's been trying to get in touch with me, try again and find me on the Liqube Audio Discord for a talk. I am not frequenting other places for the time being, and am generally off toxic social media. Another successful year of science fiction reality to you, until we meet again :crossed:

Stay classy, Tom

Posted: February 24th, 2022, 04:43
by Thumphead
Feel better. Best wishes to improving health and recovery!

Re: Official Update, February 2022

Posted: February 24th, 2022, 22:43
by beecee
Hey Tom

Great to have you back and so sorry to hear about the challenges you have been facing. I received my Pro trial licence today - wow, worth the wait. Yes - Resonic Pro is what I hoped it would be.

Get strong again and look forward to seeing you back real soon.

Re: Official Update, February 2022

Posted: March 10th, 2022, 10:56
by ceeess
Hey Tom,

wish you all the best!!!
Get well soon.


Posted: March 20th, 2022, 18:22
by RogerB
I underwent quite similar sounding problems long time ago. It took some time but it turned to the better.
The most important thing: Give yourself time.
And: Real friends give you time.
Get well Tom.

All the best

P.S.: Let us know if we can help in any way.

Posted: March 31st, 2022, 11:18
by Andrey
I will wait as long as necessary. Health is more important :)

Re: Official Update, February 2022

Posted: May 8th, 2022, 18:30
by luiswu
How is that recovery?
We wish to see you and hear you in full faculties!!!!
I'm new here, but I've been at this for many years and I think it looks great.
Tell me if I can do anything for you, apart from giving you a lot of encouragement.
Greetings from Marbella (Andalusia)

Posted: May 16th, 2022, 08:57
by Mixchief
Of the few occasions I've had just a few words with you, and out of all the communication and few interviews I've heard with you, I can tell that you're a damn fine person, Tom. Just to let you know, we got your back. No recovered Tom = no Resonic, so ... ;) take your time, however long that may be.

Posted: May 26th, 2022, 07:45
by gregh
deleted, waiting for my account to be removed


Posted: June 1st, 2022, 09:25
by ruinerhalo666666
gregh wrote:
May 26th, 2022, 07:45
bummer on the health, hope it is improving. Like many of my years I have been having a few health issues as well. A couple of skin cancers on my face, bowel cancer, cardio vascular disease needing three stents. All during covid! Luckily in my country we have fantastic healthcare and I feel incredibly lucky to be on the end of thousands of years of dedicated people seeking to help others. Very very fortunate.
As others say - just have to work with it and if you need to take time for yourself then do so without feeling any guilt or pressure.
"Bummer on the health" ?
"Luckily I have fantastic healthcare"?

Dude, you sound like an entitled douche-bag to people that have to figure out how to to pay for their own cancer treatments and stents. Lucky for us you live somewhere you don't have to worry about that so you are free to impart your ageless wisdom to us. Just seems really tone-deaf. I hope Tom has good medical insurance and isn't having to run a gofundme to stay alive. And if he is, send me a link so I can contribute.