Our HQ is now on Discord

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Our HQ is now on Discord

We've moved our HQ to Discord, the community is steadily growing and full of incredibly diverse and talented people from all (and this is the goal here) areas of audio production, ranging from mere listeners and enthusiasts to music producers, deejays, game audio producers, post producers, field recordists, film composers, and everything in between:


Every now and then we have voice chats in the kitchen channel and you are free to join in, talk about anything audio, non-audio, Resonic, non-Resonic, and of course ask questions, and watch screen shares about how to use Resonic.

You can find Alpha and Beta builds and the testing group there.

The latest progress Liqube Audio related updates can be found in #progress.

We don't use ranks or any kind of elitist system, we're free of obscene bots, but you can have your area in audio assigned as a rank so others know who's hanging around.

Make sure you say hi in #introductions when you join, and feel free to use any of the channels.

Since a lot of the discussion and talks have moved to all kinds of social media and messaging platforms these forums haven't been very actively these last two years, but of course will remain up as the go-to place, and are always watched.

Join our Discord for chat and talk (not just Resonic related) and beta testing; or the Resonic Users group on FB.

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