current version of Resonic PRO?

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current version of Resonic PRO?

My apologies if this is an obvious question, but I did search for about 20mins and didn't find either any definitive link to download (aside from the one that I received when I purchased my license...) or any info stating what the current version of Resonic PRO is (today is 4/13/2020)
I am getting a pop up that states my 094b (build 1818) is obsolete...
resonic obsolete 4-13-2020.png
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You're using an unstable version that was released two months ago. Unstables are intended for temporary use or testing, not for continued use, and they start nagging after a while to make sure to update to either a newer build, or go back to a stable version.

At there's a newer version available, but eventually (probably from 0.9.5) we'll move from beta to non-beta and unstables will go private and for beta testers only.

If you wanna try the newest we have and give some feedback pm me on Discord! I don't post these things here.
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