Statement for Resonic Day 12/12

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Statement for Resonic Day 12/12

Seven years ago the first alpha of Resonic Player went public. Since then it has become a standard tool for many users, even professionals, working with audio files despite of its limited freeware feature set.

Three years later the much extended Pro version was released as an attempt to both finance the project and follow through with the vision of an exceptionally useful sample management system and creativity tool. Resonic Pro has become a staple for many users, covering a wide variety of jobs in audio, game, broadcast, and video production. Our trust and honesty with you has not been disappointed, but has been rewarded with your patience. For that, we thank you! 😊

It has been a rocky road so far, financially and emotionally, working with very limited means and partially crippling software and mediocre third party libraries, to create audio software that tries to be different and that actively breaks the rules for rethought usability. While having to reinvent wheel several times is not the most enjoyable thing to do it pays off.

A few months ago a lightning storm fried essential workstation hardware and other gear we use for developing the project. The time after that went into trying to recover and restore all data from the damaged systems as well as from the cloud, and into gathering the resources to build new gear. As financially dampening as it was the setup is complete again and we've gotten back into an active development cycle. Before 'the frying' we were close to wrapping up Resonic 0.9.4, and this is again our current goal. On Slack we've released new test builds for both Player and Pro that you are free to try now. We'll likely be moving the test builds back to a web location in the next weeks seeing how it seems to be more convenient for our users.

Thanks for sticking with us and our quite unique project, and maybe join us on the group here on FB, on Discord, or Slack. If you ever thought about getting a Pro version, now would be an exceptionally helpful time 😌

Apologies if you're still waiting for an email or response that never came, it might have been overlooked while working through a really large pile. Please just message this page and we'll catch up quick.

The Team at Liqube Audio 🖖 ... 091581793/
Join our Discord for chat and talk (not just Resonic related) and beta testing; or the Resonic Users group on FB.

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