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Versioning changes for 1.0

Posted: March 31st, 2019, 21:34
by Tom
We'll be doing smaller updates, from 0.9.4.

The versioning might now go past 0.9.9 (10, 11, etc.) in order to make up for the lack of logical update steps before 1.0. This way more updates are possible which reduces both the wait between releases and the potential issues introduced with larger updates. It also allows us to cut a few corners here and there and to soon strip the Beta label.

I've been wanting to move to more lightweight release cycles for a while now, but knowing whether it also feels right to the community despite cutting a few corners in the versioning which could be misunderstood as artificially extending the pre-1.0 cycle seems quite important to me. I believe the selection of users in the Resonic Users Group who have participated in the original poll ( ... 597890168/) is diverse enough to be representative for a big chunk of the user base, and I'm glad that the majority feels good about this move.

Website and roadmap will be updated accordingly.