The Disappointment Start To Set In.

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The Disappointment Start To Set In.

Man, just like every other piece of software I bought on the promise of getting some of my most needed features at some point end up being a bust; They either never come or it takes so long that I already moved on to something else by then. And unfortunately, it is starting to look the same with Resonic.

The most needed feature when having a huge pile of Samples is unarguably a robust search engine. Resonic still requires a subfolder search for every launch, come on now! Tag? Let's forget about it for now cause it doesn't exist. Pretty much, the whole organization features (search/tag/classify/favorites) that would make the program standout still goes missing at large. I still had hope because the updates were steady for a while. So, I was like Ok, maybe those features will come. However, those steady updates suddenly stop :roll:

Yeah, that close to perfect Sample Browser I was expecting may not ever be!

Liqube Audio
Liqube Audio
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Re: The Disappointment Start To Set In.

I understand that it's frustrating to wait a little longer, but sample management has also existed before Resonic :) We cannot create the fastest asset manager by rushing like everyone else does. I believe there are many former and present examples of where this road eventually leads, and we decided to be a little masochistic and take another one.

We are very aware of what is required, but we are also aware that it cannot just be hacked together. Resonic is fast, very fast. Piling heavy-weight features on top of suboptimal internal workings wouldn't cut it for these new and big features as it would ultimately slow down the program. It would only lead to more frustration for both us and the users. Since the last public release we've been steadily reworking big parts of the innards, and trying to keep the business alive. The goal since then has been and is still database and metadata related features. Our metadata core is one of the most complete we've ever seen, meaning that there is very little software that recognizes and understands as much different metadata stored in files. For us this is the foundation of it all. A strong metadata engine leads to a strong database. Auto-tagging is in a mature state as well.

This much being said, the stepping-stone release 0.9.2 is in its finalization stage, with beta testing to begin shortly. You are invited to join us on Slack (

Cheers, Tom
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Re: The Disappointment Start To Set In.

Besides that I paid for a thing I was totally aware about what it already could do, I think Resonic does a great job already. Just saying. :D

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