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A few questions

I have a few assuredly unprofessional questions regarding your software, but would like to start by complimenting you on the quality of development thus far. Half a week ago I found a solitary mention of this program and decided to roll the dice on a trial. That most of the highly intrusive facets of such a chancy proposition didn't appear was highly recommendable. My interest was, as mentioned, not of a professional nature but for the playback of large DSD files (2-20 GB) and other lossless formats. Please do not take this is as a feature request.

Could you explain the correlation between reading embedded metadata and incorporating it into music playback? Where I'm leading with this also invokes how waveform peak scanning is used. Almost all of my files are devoid of any compression, or normalization metadata. Instead relying on dynamic range (peak and rms for each channel). Sound here is already very decent or I wouldn't be inquiring what exactly is being used or discarded.

I understand you will be adding ability to read cue/m3u/xml, embedded or otherwise. Being unfamiliar with the programs your target users will be importing files from is there any tips for optimizing them for use in your software you are aware of? On the surface a silly question, maybe.

Playlists, would they just be an extraneous 'feature' too many people like me asked about in an otherwise purpose built program? Take this to mean adding files from more than one folder into the play queue through drag and drop or the browser.

The logarithmic, linear, and musical spectrum visualizers appear to change parameters based on the file currently loaded. Would you care to offer any insight into how the upper limit is determined? DXD (32 bit floating, 352800Hz) files only present in musical spectrum and the waveform?

I have interest in the further progress of this beta. Sound and file handling are quite good. The PRO feature set offers me nothing of use. Though I will consider a donation if after a few versions I'm still using the free beta. As is, this development nearly hits a very usable middle ground between truly stripped down command line style player programs and those with a highly entertaining UI eating system resources. If you reply to any of this, great. Otherwise I understand not devoting time to non-paying users.

Best of luck going forward.

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