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Introduction and first impressions

Posted: January 2nd, 2018, 02:45
by studio13
Hello Tom and Resonic form members ..

I landed here after hearing about Resonic in the #gameaudio slack channel and I'm glad I had a poke around the site and forum.

Quick about me : I'm an experienced freelance sound designer working primarily in game audio. I've used sound editors and various search methods for almost 30 years now. Is there a cobweb emojii ? Hehehe ...

Tom it's brave of you to enter into the "audio file manager" arena. There are already several well established, feature rich competing apps on the market (several of which I use). However I feel like there's always room for innovation and improvement. Looking at the Resonic offering is pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to the features on your roadmap. Sadly without the search or playlist features I cannot functionally use Resonic Pro in my day to day operations. Still I'm buying a copy to check out the potential looks amazing.

Cheers !!

Re: Introduction and first impressions

Posted: January 5th, 2018, 22:33
by Tom
Hey, happy to have you here!

Resonic Pro is still in Early Access but has now entered its 0.9 era. The search and playlist features are in active development and also our main focus. We're planning to deliver some game-changers alongside it, for example the lightning-fast auto tagging, which is not just a simple string comparison like in some overpriced apps.

We had to do a lot of thinking, sketching, and need to fail over and over again, in order to make sure the program does not suffocate itself with piled on new features.

So please bear with us, we're working as hard as we can, but we cannot allow ourselves to rush the foundations that keep the program so much more responsive than the whole bunch of competing apps. We don't like to see them as "competiton", because we're really doing our own thing here. Something that is supposed to benefit the users, is also why we're trying to work closely with users from different professional audio sectors, especially game audio as well - where time is more money than in most other sectors. Any participation is always welcome, just email or message us.

And to be clear: Search features will be delivered to EA users as free updates.

Cheers, Tom

Re: Introduction and first impressions

Posted: January 16th, 2018, 03:36
by studio13
Hi Tom

The application looks great and feels very intuitive. Really looking forward to playlists and search features. Are there any plans for a Mac version ?


Re: Introduction and first impressions

Posted: January 16th, 2018, 04:12
by Tom
Have a look here:

We would start developing it if we got funding for it. The thing is, it wouldn't just be a port (it couldn't achieve the performance), but a new, native product.

Posted: December 28th, 2020, 13:31
by georgefernandis