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Some words on Resonic and trust

Posted: March 17th, 2017, 15:55
by Tom
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Resonic and Virus Scanners (on False Positives):

Original Post:
- Resonic is digitally signed three times: Setup (msi) is digitally signed, exe/dlls are digitally signed, and the exe also contains a Taggant certificate to be used by anti-virus/malware software. (Note: Taggant does no longer exist)

- Starting with 0.8.5 we're using an updated high-trust digital signature by DigiCert.

- Resonic never transmits any of your personal information or information that could identify you over the internet, does not even open URLs in most cases without asking you. [Think about what your phone does right now...]

False positives in virus scanners are common these days, simply put, because many virus scanners suck and do not stick to the standards they have agreed on. So don't be unsettled because of the glorified AV horse dung you're using, presenting Resonic as malware (and that's only very few), better send the exe file in question to free online AV scanning services like VirusTotal or Jotti to get some real peace of mind.

Re: Some words on Resonic and trust

Posted: November 6th, 2019, 14:48
by Squarres
What's the biggest advantage of Resonic versus its competitors?

Re: Some words on Resonic and trust

Posted: December 20th, 2019, 23:29
by Tom
Squarres wrote:
November 6th, 2019, 14:48
What's the biggest advantage of Resonic versus its competitors?
It's not trying to compete, but it's fast. Very fast.

Since the target audience is a different one a comparison with regular audio players wouldn't work at this point. Resonic was a folder player first, and is slowly evolving into more of a player/manager. It's trying to the best it can be in its field to accelerate tedious everyday tasks in audio and do properly what comparable applications are failing at, and I'm mainly referring to sample management and Resonic Pro now.

To sum it up and compared to players and sample managers:
- performance, taking advantage of multi-core processing and native Windows features
- user interface usability and shortcuts for fast workers
- excels at folder browsing and file operations/management, fast file list
- fast and detailed waveform with audio extraction
- metadata done right, esp. embedding that we're working on
- portable versions

Aside from that also:
- no monthly subscriptions
- no dongles
- no clouds
- no collecting personal data (
- no phone home BS
- no proprietary encrypted formats