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Do you plan to work on a Mini-Player/Global Hotkey Rating ?

Posted: December 7th, 2014, 18:08
by Jan
Hey guys,

I love to discover new songs, so I browse a ton of music on a day to day basis. To keep track of all the stuff I have listened to I depend on writing my ratings right into the files tag, which resulted into the following setup:

I run MusicBee in compact/mini player mode "always on top" plus PhraseExpress and MouseRecorder to manage my ratings. If I go and press my numpad "1" key, PhraseExpress will trigger a MouseRecorder macro I've set up earlier. The macro will do the rating (so "one star" for this example) and jump to the next song.

But I am here because I love resonic and would love to replace MusicBee with it. To do that, I'd need resonic to have global hotkeys which will execute the macros I need or a resonic mini player with a user interface I can build a Macro for.

Tom please make it happen somehow <3


Re: Do you plan to work on a Mini-Player/Global Hotkey Ratin

Posted: December 7th, 2014, 23:30
by elektroinside
If you take a look at the labs page (, # 069 – October 22, 2014), there's a note there that says global hotkeys will be available in the beta.

But, if they will execute macros, or will execute scripts at all, don't know. For that, you need an API to interact with. That is pretty much of an effort, and my guess is that APIs won't be available in the beta. But Tom could surprise us anyway :)

Re: Do you plan to work on a Mini-Player/Global Hotkey Ratin

Posted: December 8th, 2014, 00:21
by Jan
Right and I don't think such an API would be worth the trouble too. I do believe the better solution would be to always autoskip to the next song after the rating is done, maybe some users would prefer to disbale this option, so an "auto-skip" checkbox might be useful at this point. Note: If the rated songs filesystem has no support for such a "hardcoded" operation (write rating to tag), it would be great if resonic saves my rating to the next layer available, which would be the players database ofc.

Re: Do you plan to work on a Mini-Player/Global Hotkey Ratin

Posted: December 8th, 2014, 00:51
by elektroinside
This sounds like a part of my work, selecting songs. This is useful for radio automation software, or for parties, or for your listening preferences. But I personally prefer to delete the songs i don't like or need to keep, rather to rate them. Or, move them in some other folder, if i need to keep them. Fortunately you can do this with resonic, with the latest alpha.

It's debatable anyway, everybody has a workflow and sticks to it, gets used to it. You could wait for the beta, as it will support playlists of some kind, and you can organize your music into playlists. Not that automated, but could be a workaround for your needs, until APIs will be available (if they ever will be).

Re: Do you plan to work on a Mini-Player/Global Hotkey Ratin

Posted: December 8th, 2014, 01:15
by Jan
I do delete all the 1 star ratings if they aren't part of an album. This is where the soft-/hardcore-rating-setup comes in handy because it works no matter what the format might be. Still I depend on a hardcoded solution because in my experience, the softcoded/players db will get lost at some point (virus, updates resetting things ... busy brain forgetting to export the players db before formating c, stuff like that). What I'm saying is, that no matter what "soft" options you may offer, they can't protect my work.

My rating system (all singles are/will be are sorted by genre):

1 star - delete / keep if part of an album*
2 star - rehearsal <- I don't want these guys to get mixed with the good stuff
3 star - fine (can be added if you are low "equipped" on that genre)
4 star - solid (mostly sure picks no matter the event)
5 star - outstanding (might be to special for some events)

*albums will be rated as a whole
() thinking process for a playlists creation