Audio will no longer play

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Audio will no longer play

I downloaded the player to try it out because I needed an audio player to quickly listen through audio files in various folders on my computer. I really like being able to see the waveform of the complete audio tracks and to be able to select any portion of the track to listen to. These are features I haven't found in any other audio players I've looked at. But this evening when I opened Resonic Player 0.9.3 there was no audio even though I could see it playing the audio. All of my other audio and video players have sound output. I even uninstalled it, re-downloaded, and reinstalled it to no avail. What could have happened? This was the perfect audio player for my purposes, but right now I can't afford the pro version, which I will consider getting in the future if I can get the player to work again.

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Have you checked whether the correct sound card/driver is selected in preferences? [CTRL-P]
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